The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) in Palawan has opened the voting for the nominees for the Farmer Representative in PCA Board. The three nominees with higher votes will participate in the Regional Level and island Level.

Community Health protocols were established by the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease to control the surge and the spread of the coronavirus. The DILG now approves necessary gatherings and others.

Forests have been damaged by the illegal loggings around the Philippines, as years passed by the number of trees decreases. In order to save and preserve the environment and the living species, a restoration program was established.

In every individual, there are talents and other skills developed. Through the past few months, even with the adherence effect of the covid19 were reported, Filipino still create past times or develop their skills by competing or by participating in online activities by different government agencies and organizations.

Babies ages 6-12 months have an increased number of stunted, wasted, and overweight based on the latest update from the National Nutrition Survey. The Municipal Health Office in Aborlan encourages parents to support their child’s development by giving them MonRice (Monggo -Rice).

On May 16, The Municipal Health Office staff commemorated the International AIDS Candle lighting at the Municipal covered court. This ceremony was joined by other government agencies and other organizations.

The fire that happened on Sitio Marabajay, Barangay Rio Tuba in Bataraza has damaged and burned the houses of 44 families on April 28. The fire has estimated damage worth P20 million.

Local passengers often deal with the rain during the wet season. Palawan is known for its beautiful and unique attractions in its provinces, establishing comfortable and shades for the passengers in the terminal would benefit them during rainy or hot weather.

One of the Indigenous People (IPs) lives with their tribes in remote areas, such as caves or mountain ranges that are far from urban places, and because they live in remote areas they often have problems in dealing with illnesses and other diseases. Through IP Village that was offered by the government, the IPs would be reached out by the government to help and give services on time.

Rebels have been fighting against the government of the Philippines and it has been a war against the same blood. In order to prevent bloodshed and more conflicts for the rebellion, Task Force was established to settle the problem and to offer them programs that would benefit the surrendered persons.

The Covid19 cases in El Nido are increasing and the Municipal government informed the residents, Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORS), and Exempted APORS for new travel restrictions within the Municipality.

The Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) has conducted the Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR) at the Iwahig Correction Facility. The Iwahig belonged to the top of the other seven operating prison and penal farms in the country.

Medical missions are important for the people that belong to the poor community, as well as for the elders that live in the mountain ranges that cannot go to clinics for checkups. As they said, “Health is wealth”.

There are several religions in the Philippines and one of them is Islam. Palawan is situated near Mindanao and there are approximately 90% of Muslims who live there and would be celebrating the Eid’l Fitr.

In times of crisis, Filipinos tend to help each other to survive in hard times. On May 7, the uniformed personnel offered help to the people that are needy at the three barangays within the municipality of Sofronio Española.

Rescue vehicle was given to the Barangay Binga that will be used to rescue emergency situations and to respond to complaints from the residents in Barangay. The rescue vehicle was turned over to Barangay Officials.

The three associations in Barangay Caruray were supported by the government of San Vicente to start their business and egg production. This month of April 2021, the beneficiaries have been earning.

On April 26, the Municipality of Culion was lifted to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). As a help to those affected due to the surge of the Covid19, the PSWO prepared food packs for them.

Conservation of the environment must start now! The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development had a virtual event on Facebook to share the stories and importance of the environment and the animal creatures in order for them to survive.

A Banana Propagation was established under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program for their beneficiaries. This way, the banana production will slowly increase as well as these individuals can earn.

The coconut farmers registered in the National Coconut Farmers Registry System received financial aid under the Cash and Food Subsidy for Marginalized Farmers and Fisherfolks in several municipalities in Palawan. The registration and updating in the NCFRS are still ongoing.

Most people have adopted social media accounts and other online platforms. The PCSDS found this way to promote and to let these children and youths promote their different advocacies.

As there are still places under the community quarantine, Filipinos build a community pantry in their area. The community pantry serves the local residents where they can get some vegetables, canned goods, and other essentials.

There are still barangays in Magsaysay that don't have electricity. To be able to light up the streets, the government response to the needs of the residents by installing solar panel street lights.

The whole country was put on Enhanced Community Quarantine from March 17 and continued to downgrade in selected areas. As of now, five barangays in Puerto Princesa are localized lockdown.

Taytay is a seaside town that could give you a province-like vacation. This municipality is not as famous as El Nido, Coron, Puerto Princesa, but you might find less crowded attractions, as well as beautiful and scenic tourist spots.

Cockfighting is one of the Filipino past-time. It is legal in the Philippines but sometimes, it is done illegally.

The cases of coronavirus in Puerto Princesa have been increasing. The Beaches and farm resorts were proposed as isolation, quarantine facilities to give medical attention to all the possible patients.

After the hit of the virus in the Philippines, small and micro businesses have been into financial problems. Through the CARE program, they will be able to start again.

Most of the accidents happen on the roads. It is vital for drivers or those who want to apply for a driver’s license to be trained and learn traffic rules.

Emergencies may occur anytime and anywhere. A hospital needs to have several ambulances to respond to an accident or patient transfers.

Illegal fishing is has been prohibited by the law. It is not suitable for marine life and could damage the coral reefs and lead to overfishing.

An encounter of NPA and government forces occured in the mountainside in Barangay Conception, Puerto Princesa. One rebel has been confirmed dead.

Internet connection has helped us gain more information and learn in different ways. As the world becomes modern, it has also added to our daily lives and became important by delivering updated news and communication.

Studying in universities is an opportunity that you shouldn’t be miss! Palawaño’s have a chance to be a scholar at Hainan University in China.

Either you're in a hospital, banks, remittances, or processing documents, you need to show at least one valid ID or supporting documents to make your transactions possible. Soon enough, the government-issued card will be available.

Nutribuns are used in feeding programs in elementary schools in the Philippines from 1971 until 1997. Now, the government wants to decrease malnutrition amongst the children in the country.

Families are used to outdoor gatherings or picnics to spend on Easter Sundays, but due to the pandemic, we cannot do the same. Some might go to church to attend mass or watch online masses in-house.

Rice Farmers have been worrying about the low gate price of unhusked rice during harvest in every season. With the machinery from NIA, they are hoping and expecting higher rates.

A source of clean water is needed in every community, especially on an island. Finally, the water system project in Green Island is almost done.

Palawan is a fast-growing population in the MIMAROPA region. The demands for health services are increasing, most especially for indigent patients.

Even with the pandemic, the teachers continued to give their services to the students. To help them, the local government grants them printers.

Youths will be our future leaders and they should be given attention by the government. It is a way of improving and developing their skills and leadership.

A project tribute into the indigenous people. A way to share the culture of nature tribes that live in the Philippines.

Women's Month is celebrated annually in the Philippines. It is the time to spread the power of womens, rights and awareness.

Coconut is one of the products that is produced in the Philippines. It is one of the major crops in Agriculture.

Dr. Deo Florence L. Onda is a microbial oceanographer from the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute. A first time in Filipino history to venture the under the ocean expedition.

The Balayong tree blooms and looks extremely attractive. Beautiful sightings during the daylight!

Illegal logging damages the environment and this is a major problem that the government faces in every community. The more the trees cutted, the more dangerous it becomes.

These animals are considered as endemic species. It was turned over in PCSD by animal advocates.

After the election of 23 Municipalities, the Palawan will be staying in one governance. There will be no division of the island.

The half-century old acacia trees in Puerto Princesa have been known for being a canopy. This month, the trees were lit.

A male tourist from Quezon is positive for the coronavirus disease. He arrived in Coron with falsified documents.

Puerto Princesa will be welcoming cruise ships in the port soon. This port will be a gateway to the island.

The government in Puerto Princesa has built-up it's own Test Laboratory. The Polymerase chain reaction (RT PCR) Test and Swab test will be provided in the facility

A multi-purpose center was built to be the training center in livelihood and education. The two storey building will soon provide the residents.

The Municipality of Sofronio Española has mountain ranges and seeking medical attention is hard. The Medical mission helped many of the residents.

Education is important and thankfully, a satellite campus by Mindanao State University is open in Bataraza. The Government is seeing this as a developmental key.

In celebration of the Balayong Festival, Puerto Princesa organized a tournament with Globe. Mobile Legends, one of the popular online games.

Elon Musk is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of Tesla. Recently, many have proven that he has a look alike in Palawan!

Have you heard of this cute and little fur semiaquatic mammal? They still exist in the Philippines and treat Palawan as their own safe ground.

We get excited hearing animals from other countries are already in the Philippines such as Giraffes and Zebras in Safari’s. As the Calauit Safari Park is looking forward to their opening in March.

The Land of Transportation Office will be opening soon in the Municipality of Brooke's Point. A good news for the neighboring municipalities.

Wanna go somewhere uncrowded and adventurous island hopping? Magsaysay, Palawan is the famous producer of the seaweed Lato and Salt.

The dividing of Palawan into three was signed into a law by President Rodrigo R. Duterte on April 19, 2019. The Republic Act No. 11259, will only be effective if the voters will favor the plebiscite.

Red tide is harmful algal blooms. How does it affect marine life and the people?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is spreading in the community. In order to minimize and spread facts about this, a program was built to give free HIV testing in Puerto Princesa.

Let’s go around in Palawan, far from the mainland. An island that offers you history and natural attractions.

This event takes place every February every year, attended by the government officials, tourists and the locals. A different way to spend Valentine's Day.

The Municipality of Palawan has an abundance in many ways. In this place you’ll be able to witness that there is hope and recovery for the endangered species, but how safe are they?

Culion is located at the northern part of Palawan, including Busuanga, Coron and Linapacan. The island is called a “Land living of the dead” and “No Return”.

On January 21, Thursday an undeveloped sea bird named masked booba was found dead. The cause of its death was not yet identified.

This municipality is the smallest and farthest island in Palawan. The closest municipality around Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park.

Studying nowadays relies on modular lessons or online classes. In order to continue this stepping stone for students, the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) will be give mini-radio station in the Municipality of Palawan.

Coronavirus has affected the lives of the people all over the world. Maybe, it’s time to fight it against a vaccine.

The municipality of Palawan is located to the northwest part of Palawan,known for its long beachfront. A small version of El Nido.

Pangolin (Manis culionensis) is locally known as Balintong. There are sightings for this species in Palawan and it has possibilities to be protected.

Have you heard of this Island? If not, this might be the best way to know what can be found in there!

Many people love adventure, and traveling of course! The trip might be tiresome but as you arrived, the first step is magical, feels like it’s been a long and lousy ride,

Aborlan, a place where you’ll be mesmerized by the white sand beach, rivers, waterfall, culture and its history.

Two islands in the Philippines namely El Nido and Boracay have been included in the Condé Nast Traveler’s “The Best 25 Island Beaches in the World 2020: Readers’ Choice Award”.

Palawan’s most popular destinations are El Nido, Puerto Princesa and Coron but that doesn’t end there! Other municipalities have its secret gems too!

Many of Filipino love dogs and treat them as part of the family but at some point some dogs don't behave well and are one of the scariest in the streets.

Garbage is one of the basic problems anywhere in the world. Inorder to preserve clean surroundings, a program was established.

It is the largest municipality in the province of Palawan. It is often called in the shorter word “Rizal”. Tourism in this municipality has helped local and government to sustain natural tourist spots. They also celebrate festivals that add up in the colorful traditions. Want to visit the natural spots and discover Philippines tribes in one place?

The Pageant of Miss Palawan is going on. Who will take the crown? Save the date and let's find out!

Bataraza is one of the places you can visit in Palawan. Don't forget to taste their sweet pineapples!

Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation supported the 20 indigenous students from Sitio Proper, Barangay Sandoval, and Rio Tuba in Bataraza by giving internet connection kits.

Excited for white-sand beaches, scuba diving, and island hopping? Taytay Islands could offer you in both marine and nature destinations that you must visit during your stay.

Palawan is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. The pristine limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches, bountiful marine life that attracts scuba divers, island hopping, and trekking all in El Nido. Though Coron is much more accessible than El Nido, you'll be tempted to visit and explore.

Looking for a place in Palawan that could give you an adventure in the forest? The Municipality of Narra in Palawan might satisfy you with their tourist spots like waterfalls, islands, or trek in mountains!

Palawan is one the most visited places in the Philippines by tourists, even locals can't resist the beauty of the island.

If you ever wonder what you could do other than that, you should travel in Coron too! Coron is a town where serenity is at its most. Peaceful, relaxing and stunning beaches are all over the place.

Are you excited and planning for a trip or vacation in Palawan? Then, you should not miss Puerto Princesa!

Festivals are events that you shouldn't miss if you're around the place, especially in the Philippines. They are celebrated in municipalities and cities in different ways, showcasing the culture and traditions of Filipino